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tv   Weekend Early Start  CNN  October 7, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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from cnn world headquarter in atlanta, this is "early start weekend." the death tolls from the outbreak of fungal meningitis in nine states and officials worry the numbers could go up much higher. >> i'm not asking for help for the rest of my life. i want to feel like i matter. >> veterans return home only fight for disability benefits they say they're entitled to. it is a cnn exclusive investigation. ♪ >> you may not recognize the
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guitar player, but you should know the tune. a look back at half a century of james bond. and the political debate everyone is talking about. not obama/romney, but jon stewart versus bill o'reilly. -- captions by vitac -- it is sunday, october 7th. i'm randi kaye. so glad you're with us. the pharmacy has recalled all of its products nationwide. the move comes as the cdc reports two more deaths from the disease, bringing the total now to seven. take a look at this map with me. 64 cases of fungal meningitis are confirmed in the nine states that you see highlighted there, but that number could go up. health officials say the contaminated steroid went out to 76 medical facilities in 23 states. our chief medical correspondent
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dr. sanjay gupta has more details on the symptoms of this disease. >> randi, it's worth pointing out again we're talking about fungal meningitis as opposed to bacterial meningitis or the most common form, viral meningitis, that's the type you hear about typically being spread on college campuses. fungal meningitis, if there's any good news, it's not contagious. people got this because it was injected into them through a contaminated steroid injection. what happened was the manufacturer of this drug sends these to a compound facility to divvy up the doses and compound the doses and then contamination occurred and the medication was sent to several different clinics and hospitals around the country. obviously the numbers are pretty significant and they're probably going to go out in part because it takes a while to get sick.
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take a look there. actually 28 days before a person can develop symptoms an then there are all sorts of things that are consistent with meningitis. they can have stroke-like symptoms, weakness in one part of the body or another, swelling, inflammation around the brain or spinal cord, headaches and neck pain and they can lapse into unconsciousness and even die. the goal now is to identify all the patients who received injections, make sure no more injections are given and if people are having symptoms to make sure they get treated and get treated quickly. >> thank you. now return to pennsylvania. a couple is accused of severely abusing two children they adopted from ethiopia. the investigators say the doctor noticed several fractures on the
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18-monday-old girl's head and the 6-year-old boy looked starved. their attorney had no comment. the family of an blame college student is seeking answers about his death at the hands of a police officer. the 18-year-old university of south alabama freshman was killed yesterday. school officials say he was running around the campus make and rushed the officer several times. we have more now. >> reporter: colgan meanor was talking about it. he's talking about his friend who was killed by a single shot from a campus police officer's weapon. what was explained as a campus
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tragedy. according to campus police at 1:23 a.m. one of their officers heard a loud banging noise on one of the campus police windows. they described what was a muscular nude man acting, quote, erratically. the man, quote, verbally challenged him. the spokesman took up the explanation. >> he ran up to the officer and took on the officer in a fighting stance. the officer with weapon drawn ordered the individual to halt. the officer retreated numerous times in an attempt to calm the situation. the individual continued to press toward the officer in a threatening manner. he said the man rushed him several times. >> when the individual continued to rush toward the officer in a threatened manner and ignored
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the officer's command to stop he struck him once which struck the cheftd of the assail aunt. the individual fell down but got up and challenged him once manufacture before he collapsed and expired. >> reporter: they will, assisted by the mobile sheriff's department. meanwhile colgan meanor's friends struggled to make sense of it all. >> that's not the kind of person he was. he was a great, loving guy, always made people smile, you know. he's not the kind of guy that people knew him and said he would do something like this. i mean everyone from my hometown is, you know, expressing the same shock that i am right now. >> so sad to see that happen. cnn spoke with the student's mother about the shooting. she said campus police should be equipped to handle activity like that without having to use
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lethal force. she also said she doesn't know why her son was acting that way. to politics now and big money. president obama's campaign said they raised $181 million last month. that's easily the most for either candidate in any month in this election. they both raised around $115 million in august. here's the hall. the romney campaign hasn't released their september numbers just yet. the president ended the week with a romantic dinner with his wife. wednesday was their 20th anniversary, but, of course, he spent that night debating romney. they got away to the four seasons hotel to celebrate, the anniversary, not at the debate. romney has been reaching out to voters in the crucial swing state this weekend. a lot of the talk has been
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centered on taxes and health care but he's also taken time to talk about his sin expirations and the people he's met on the campaign trail. >> i met someone named jane horton. she also suffered tragedy in her life. her husband christopher was killed in afghanistan as she was packing up a care package when a knock came at the door that he was tragically killed there. what did she do? she didn't fall into sadness and despair, but instead went to work to help other families that had lost loved ones and served our nation. she went to the funeral for her husband when his remains came back and this was at a time when misguided people were protested funeral services of our servicemen and she was asked, what do you think about these people protesting people at your husband's people. she said, quote, chris died for
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them to be able to protest. this is quite a nation we live in. >> florida is just the start of the week for mitt romney. he's got an even bigger event coming up tomorrow and as our political editor paul steinhauser reports it's just another big week on the campaign trail. >> mitt romney will be giving a big speech at a military indianapolis substitute which happens to be a big battleground state. >> we face a time when there's tumult in the middle east and people may ask where's america and american support. >> both campaigns will highlight high-profile surrogate this week. >> this is a pivotal election. >> former president clinton teams up with mr. obama at a
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fund-raiser tonight in california. two days later clinton battles for the president in another battleground state, nevada. romney's wife ann goes in front of cameras wednesday morning when she's a special co-host on ac's "good morning america." but the high light of the week is the vice-presidential debate. >> i can't wait to debate. >> i love a debate. >> it will take place in danville, kentucky. >> i'm look forward to it, i really am. the thing about congressman ryan, he's been straightforward up to now about everything he is -- all the significant changes he wants to make. we have a fundamentally different view on a whole bunch of issues i i'm studied. reading joe biden speeches, watching joe biden tape. >> and thanks to romney's strong performance at last world series eek debate, there's even more on the line at the v.p. showdown.
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>> paul, thank you for that. if you hear people talking about the big debate that went down saturday night, they're talking about fox news host bill o'reilly and "the daily show" host jon stewart. it was known as the rumble in the air conditioned auditorium at the georgetown university auditorium. listen. >> president obama spent more money than all of the other presidents combined if you take out world war ii. >> my friend bill o'reilly is completely full of [ bleep ]. what we disagree on is the scope of these issues and the cause of these issues and timing of these issues. you don't want your taxes to go to something that you don't agree with, is that your premise? >> no, i want them to go -- >> no, no, no, no, no, no. >> i want them to go to people who need help. >> if you missed it last night, you can watch it on time at the
6:12 am israel shoot downs an unmanned drone and enters its airspace. now the country is considering taking other action. and veterans returning home from war, facing another fight, this one over benefits. i'll bring you my exclusive report. ♪ leaving my homeland ♪ playing a lone hand ♪ my life begins today ♪ ♪ fly by night away from here ♪ ♪ change my life again ♪ ♪ fly by night, goodbye my dear ♪ ♪ my ship isn't coming ♪ and i just can't pretend oww! ♪ [ male announcer ] careful, you're no longer invisible in a midsize sedan. the volkswagen passat. the 2012 motor trend car of the year. that's the power of german engineering.
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[ male announcer ] now get 50% off brake pads and shoes at meineke. welcome back. 14 minutes past the hour now. let's check the headlines overseas and begin in israel. defense minister released a statement saying israel views the flyover very severely and it's considering a response. it is not clear where the drone originated. it was not carried any weapons or explosives. and we're learning this morning that south korea has reached a deal with the u.s. to extend its missile range. it will now be able to fire missiles up to nearly 500 miles, a distance long enough to reach into north korea. the goal is to deter military traffic out of pyongyang. this is as a result of the test fire back in april.
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a cleric is set to be arraigned on tuesday. he faced a federal charge in new york yesterday for his first court appearance. he has one eye and wasn't allowed to wear either of his prosthetic arms. he and four other suspects arrived from london early saturday after a legal battle. three shells fired from syrian troops crossed into turkey yesterday. villagers could hear gunfire from their homes. turkish troops fired back. the u.s. security is concerned about the exchange of fire saying the conflict could broaden. it is election day in venezuela. hugo chavez is hoping ho old onto his power but he's facing the strongest challenge from his
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oppo opposing candidate. >> reporter: he called an impromptu speech on the eve of sunday. he said our election will be transparent and fair. they say the result will be very legitimate and they've gone to great lengths to make sure everyone can vote and it's free and fair. the electoral process on sunday will be fair and is one of the most automated systems in the world. having said that, being hugo chavez he wouldn't shy away from controversy when asked directly if he wouldn't relinquish power to the opposition. here's what he had to say. >> translator: here the country is going to be the winner. the voice of the people will prevail. so let's listen to the voice of the people and let's act based on that. >> reporter: now while he seemed to indicate he would relinquish power he was definitely true to
6:18 am
form as chavez is. he seemed to relish his time with media, going on and on about his place in the world and he was not finished. he had a not so veiled threaten the polls. through the law they're not allowed to report exit poll bus they believe a social media campaign will begin sunday afternoon to try to draw momentum. hugo chavez clearly said he believes the opposition will try and drive that and he said anyone who does that will be punished. but it was, as i say, true to form. true chavez, cracking jokes throughout, and looking quite healthy, really, despite what has been a very terrible year for hum in trying to battle cancer. paula newton, cnn, caracas. from sean conry to daniel craig, who is your favorite
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bond? we'll share bond moments and bond trivia you may not already know. a speed bump!
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welcome back to "early start weekend." from dr. know to quantum of solace, from sean connery to daniel craig, james bond has been entertaining moviegoers from around the world for five decades. to celebrate and learn a few things that we might not know about a few things is nadia
6:23 am
bilchik. so 50 years? >> 50 years. 1962, d "dr. know" premieres in london with james bond and since then there will be 22, and this year, 23 james bond features. and when you look at inflation, it's been the highest grossing series ever, around $5 billion. >> what do you think it is about him? what makes him so popular? >> don't you tlink the ultimate hero? men want to be james bond and women want to be with james bond. he's so debonair, he's so charming, he's an adventurer. and for women he's a protector and a great lover. and he makes great martini. >> shaken, not stirred. >> do you have a favorite? >> oh, definitely. for me sean connery. i found roger moore a little too rough and daniel craig, a little
6:24 am
too rough. you? >> pierce bronson. he looks very good. >> he's the second perfect james bond. >> and, of course, we can't talk about the james bond without the bond girls, right, and all the antics that went on with them. >> and ursula who emerged in a white bikini with a knife wrapped around her waist. do you know she's 76, in her late 70s. >> i loved all the names, clever names. many of them we won't repeat them on the air. >> remember evelyn black, known much more for her name and that her performance. and shirley eagan was naked except for wearing gold body paint. there she is with the gold body paint. that became a very iconic james
6:25 am
bond moment. and then there was the urban legend did she die from the toxicity of the paint. >> really? >> but she didn't. she's alive and well. >> what a terrible rumor that is. >> over that. and who else -- >> they're wonderful women. jane see more. i liked halle barry. >> i liked her in her orange bikini. >> very voluptuous and in shape. even madonna had a cameo. >> really? i never remember that. >> "die another day" with pierce bronson. >> i never knew that. i with us too busy looking at pierce to know that. what about the music. >> every james bond movie had incredible mufr but the one that made it on the charts was duran
6:26 am
duran's "view to a kill." there they are parachuting. >> i remember that. >> did you see the olympics when the queen parachuted in with daniel craig? i did. >> now, it's going to be interesting to see because the next james bond, "skyfall," we have adele singing the theme song. that's going to be interesting. that's going to be the 23rd movie with adele singing the song. >> that's going to be a huge hit. my favorite guy was odd job. he was good. >> well, we'll be watching. "skyfall," our martini, shaken not stirred. >> good to know. thank you. hundreds of thousands of war veterans say they have suffered for months, even years while waiting for their disability benefits that they say they're entitled to. i spent the last few months investigating this very issue, and i'll tell you what i found.
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welcome back and thank you for starting your morning with us. i'm randi kaye and its is half
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past the hour. honda is recalling more than 260,000 cr-vs, models 2002-2006. the switch can cause a fire if it gets wet. in colorado a massive search under way for missing jessica. volunteers expressing support for the family. >> it's just a tragedy that anything like this could happen to a child. >> it's hard as a mother to make yourself try to go there. i feel as much for her today as jessica. >> jessica disappeared on friday. she was supposed to meet a friend while walking to school. an amber alert has been issued. an infant's remains are discovered in the yard of a long island home.
6:32 am
the mother told the official she never reported the death of a child. the police obtained a search warrant for the remains. the please call it suspicious. three fishermen were rescued off the coast. their boat was missing monday. a coast guard crew flew out to deliver food, water, and a beacon while a fishing vessel moved in to the location and brought the men aboard. many u.s. veterans returning home from far are finding themselves in a new fight they did not expect, a fight for disability benefits. the very agency that's supposed to take care of them, the v.a., the veterans administration, they say is the very one who abandoned them. i spent months investigating this and here's what i found. mike rio can't go to the grocery
6:33 am
stout without making a list even for one item. he can't drive without gripping the steering wheel so hard his knuckles turn white. and he can't stand longer than 30 minute because of severe back pain. this is mike rio's life post afghanistan. i need to discover who i am again. i'm not asking for help for the rest of my life. i want to feel like i matter. >> mike's wife maggy says her husband returned from war, a shell of man he once was. gone was the fun-loving, free-spirited laid back guy he used to be. war, she says, changed him. he still has ringing in the ears from explosions. he also suffers from vertigo, headaches and has terrible anxiety. we saw it firsthand during our interview. mike was so anxious he could
6:34 am
hardly sit still. we met at mike rio's mother's house near phoenix, arizona, where he, his wife, and daughter, have been living for the last year and a half. maggy and their daughter share a bedroom and mike sleeps every night on the living room couch. >> what is it like for you at 51 to be sleeping on your mother's couch? >> ashamed. i feel low. i feel -- how can i support my family, let alone a house. >> mike doesn't have the money for a place of his own. he can't work. fire fights and and ied blast left him with a brain injury and post-traumatic stress disorder. maggy isn't working either so she can look after him. the money is running out, and
6:35 am
they find themselves like hundreds of thousands of other veterans, fighting a battle they never expected, one they flank can't believe. they're fighting for benefits from the department of veterans affairs. >> i thought they were there to help us, you know? if it wasn't for my wife, i'd be in a fetal position. i'd be curled up in a ball. i couldn't do it. >> mike has been trying to get his disability claim processed for nearly two years. there has been lost paperwork, long wait times for appointments, and erroneous lab results. when mike was prescribed some medication, it was for a bladder infection he didn't have. >> and when we come back, we'll continue with mike rio's struggle to get payments and we'll ask the v.a. why the department isn't doing more to help veterans. ♪ to look at [ sighs ]
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have more fiber than other leading brands. they're the better way to enjoy your fiber. before the break, i shared the story of one veteran struggling to get disability payments from the department of veteran affairs. mike's story is not over. he filed right when he got back. in that same year he learned his claim was finally in review and in november he was told to expect a decision by the end of the year. that deadline came and went. so we went to the v.a. to ask why so many veterans like mike rio felt abandoned. keeping them honest, we asked an assistant why veterans who risked their lives for this country are waiting months, even years for their did ability
6:40 am
despite promises for a quick turnaround on claims. >> the secretary said his goal was to have claimed resolved in no more than 98 days with 100% accuracy. why hasn't this happened yet? >> again, this is problems decades in the making. we're transitioning from paper to electronic. it's a huge amount, under taking in task. >> is the current backlog of claims acceptable? >> it is unacceptable and we know that. we do. >> unacceptable, yet more than a year after mike rio filed his claim, he was still waiting. we interviewed 16 other veterans for this story. all of them told us they waited many months to get a simple disability claim resolved. in some cases more than a year. many of them also told us they weren't helped quickly enough with serious mental health issues related to ptsd. in one case, a veteran told us
6:41 am
he called a v.a. suicide hotline and was told they would call him back. they never did. right now according to the v.a., there are close to 900,000 claims pending, and of those 66% of them have been waiting longer than the secretary's goal of 125 days. worse, more than 228,000 claims have been pending one year or more. on average the va says veterans wait 256 days before their claim is resolved. paul rye cough says troops are tired of the rhetoric. >> there's a difference between the speak you get out of the bureaucrats you get out of washington and the reality you get on the dwrounl. the guys and gals on the ground don't care how many bureaucrats there are, how many pilots there are, how much money is being spent.
6:42 am
dhar if they got a decision back from the v.a. >> say say three's a delay, deny until you die. what would you say about that? >> i would say many veterans love their v.a. care. >> the secretary says the v.a. is on track to take care of 1 million claims. adding to delays, the v.a. say many veterans are returned with severe and complex mental injuries and sometimes file incomplete paperwork. the backlog also increased when thousands of vets were finally allowed to file claims for agent orange and gulf war. he finally learned his claim has been processed, 18 months after he filed. but mike was awarded only 40% disability, which works out to
6:43 am
$659 a month. he got credit for his ptsd, but even though he had been diagnosed with a mild brain disorder, he was denied for that injury. like so many others, mike and maggy plan to appeal their disability rating, a process that could set them back another two years in getting their case resolved. >> and he could have been killed. every time i spoke to him on the phone, i thought, this might be the last time i hear his voice. and our relationship has had to take a hit. >> that's another dimension, yeah. >> you know, we -- i'm married to a different man now. i love him as much as i've always loved him, but he's different. >> different in a way maggy and mike hope to make the v.a. understand. that $659 a month in disability
6:44 am
certainly doesn't cover the price they've paid for war. this story has caught the attention of so many. if you would like to read more about mike rio's struggle to get benefits and read the comments that others have left about this story, you can go to another soldier who fought for this country is now fighting against it for a good cause, trying to get a controversial law charchled so she can take care of her family. she joins me with her emotional story next. many of my patients still clean their dentures with toothpaste.
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the navy has a new ship with a very special ship.
6:48 am
they christened the new uss ship michael murrmurphy. it's named after s.e.a.l. michael murphy killed in afghanistan in 2005. he was the first person to be awarded for his actions in afghanistan. the defensive marriage act has been fired since it was first passed back in 1995. it basically says the government does not recognize same-sex comes, no benefits. the obama administration has decided not to defend doma. this couple was married last year after "don't ask, don't tell" was repealed. good morning to both of you and thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> good morning. >> now you have join add lawsuit challenging doma, but your case may be a little more immediate,
6:49 am
certainly more urgent than others. charlie, tell us why. >> well, i've been recently diagnosed back in april with less than six months to live. that's been updated to 12. i'm doing really well but that's a big concern because if i were to pass away, karen wouldn't receive any of the spousal benefits, is your viever benefits that are out there. >> what type of cancer are you battling? >> breast cancer. basically stage iv breast cancer. >> charlie, our thoughts are with you. know this is a very tough battle. you got out of the military for ten years and you were typing school, right? so why did you get back in. >> i was teaching school in kentucky and in 2004 i went to a conference and i went to the a conference and was talking about how i had been in the military and a principal who was also a colonel in the military said,
6:50 am
why would you co why don't you come back in. i didn't think they'd take me. i contact add recruiter and they said, absolutely, we need everybody we can get. i was so proud to join the service, especially after 9/11. >> karen, as charlie said, at issue is thousands of dollars of benefits and other benefit bus certainly also the health and well being of your daughter. can you tell us more about that? >> yes. as a family, the benefits affect all of us. it's -- casey is currently covered as a dependent, however, i am not because doma prevents me from being recognized as a lenl mat spouse. so some of the benefits i'm missing are health insurance, there would be survivor benefits like v.a., social security, burial rights, those kinds of things. >> you don't even have base
6:51 am
access, right? >> that's correct. one of the things that we have found is that i cannot get onto base, i can't visit the commissary or take my daughter to appointments that might be necessary on base because i just simply can't get in. i don't have an identification card that would allow that. >> and charlie, the obama administration said they will not defend doma. is that enough for you? should they be doing more to actively get it off the books? >> i know there's a lot of things that the department of defense can do, and sldn who represents us in the lawsuit are actually working that end. so hopefully -- and also amanda lucidan's stranger document points out a lot of things the department of defense could do that would involve the actually event etc., such as getting karen an i.d. card. >> as i said i can't imagine how
6:52 am
difficult this is for you. i hope you feel good over the next few months and we'll continue to watch your story. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> thank you, randi. the number of cases of a deadly meningitis infection are growing across the u.s., and the people getting sick are infected with the disease, it turns out unknowingly. questions?
6:53 am
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each week we shine a spotlight on the top ten cnn
6:56 am
heroes of 2012. she's helping them hold onto their childhood. >> you okay? let me help you. >> my mom has been sick for as long as i can remember. >> you need more methadone. helping her out is a bigger priority than going to school because i don't know what i would do if something happened to her, how i would be able to really live. >> in the united states there are at least 1.3 million children carrying for someone who is ill or injured or elderly or disabled. they can become isolated. there are physical effects. the stresses of it and the worry. >> baby, thank you so much. >> but these children suffer silently. people don't know they exist. i'm connie. i am bringing this precious population into the light to
6:57 am
transform their lives so that they can stay in school. we look at what we can provide to meet the need. we go into the schools and offer pier support and give them break so they know they're not alone. we give them hope for their future. >> now i'm getting as and bs, and i feel more confident. >> but we have a long way to go. there's so many more children that really need this help and support. >> the top ten cnn heroes for 2012 have been revealed, and to vote for who you think should be the hero of the year, go t to
6:58 am
we'll have an all-star tribute hosted by anderson cooper. all right. time now to get you ready for the week ahead. we have a very busy monday right here on our week ahead calendar. monday, of course, is column does day. maybe you have the day off. maybe you don't. if you do, enjoy it. also monday, groft romney making a big foreign policy speech. if you have time, clear in for that. we another sure what he's going to cover. he's been clear about obama's handling of events overseas. he'll probably talk about defense spending as well. we'll have that live for you from virginia. also monday it's really, really cool. a sky dive from space. a daredevil will attempt a free fall from 120 feet. he could become the first person to break the sound barrier without riding a vehicle. i don't know why it became a blank but it's going to be
6:59 am
cooler than that. on turz we're looking for jerry sandusky to be sentenced. you froebl know he's going to be sentenced. should be happening at 9:15. thursday, the vice-presidential debate in kentucky, the face-off between paul ryan and joe biden. that's going to be interesting. you'll see fireworks there. that's going to happen here live starting at 7:00 p.m. eastern time on thursday. thanks for starting your morn with us. we've got much more on cnn sunday morning, which starts right now. jeerks . from "cnn sunday morning," we have the latest. a vicks tim of that deadly movie theater shooting in colorado is speaking out about gun control asking why theub


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